AptiFlow Calibration

To determine the k-factors for a series of AptiFlow probe sizes over a range of internal diameters

8 Metre Challenge

To produce an AptiFlow probe suitable for measuring flow rates at elevated temperatures of gases in a chimney stack over 8m in diameter

Dual Element Probe

Design, manufacture, and test a single entry AptiFlow measurement probe to provide two independent flow signals for redundancy / verification

Increased Plant Throughput

Replace FD air measurement with lower loss element in order to allow increased airflow and plant output

High Pressure Gas Flow

Design, manufacture, test and calibrate HP AptiFlow for use in HP offshore mass gas flow measurement system

Purge Cabinet

System to purge DP transmitter impulse lines with the capability to correct for transmitter zero-error

Micro-Bore Flow Tests

Verify RW Miller pressure loss and critical flow calculations for micro-bore restrictions