Automatic Purge Cabinet

To provide an adjustable, regular purge sequence in order to blow through HP and LP impulse lines of differential pressure flow meters


A series of cabinets equipped with programmable controllers that operate solenoid vales to purge differential pressure flow meter impulse lines.

Automatic Purge Cabinet


Differential pressure flow meters are often used to measure the flow rates of condensing gases and low pressures.

Such applications can be prone to errors when liquids collect in the impulse lines and galleries to form effective seals and therefore effect the signal by means of unequal static heads.


The APC series of purge cabinets provide a housing for, and purging of a differential pressure transmitter and the associated impulse lines connecting it to the primary element from which it receives its signal.

The purge sequence controller is programmable, allowing adjustment of

  • Purge frequency
  • Duration
  • Delay
  • Number of cycles




The APC is available in a series, each having different features.

There is also the ability to provide multi channel panels and also develop bespoke solutions to particular applications.

The more common features are

  • Freeze hold [to freeze the output signal during purge]
  • Auto zero [to check and compensate for any transmitter drift]
  • Temperature compensation [to compensate for fluid density variation due to temperature]