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Flow Meters Direct Ltd

Air Flow Specialists

Design Diversity

When faced with the challenge of providing a primary element with 100% redundancy  we designed, manufactured, tested and supplied a Dual Element Averaging Pitot Tube (Aptiflow) that provides two independent probes in a single installation.

Low Loss Flow Measurement

Task: Provide a gas flow meter with low permanent pressure loss and tolerance to moisture content within the process fluid.

Solution: This type of application is commonly satisfied with Averaging Pitot Tube (Aptiflow)

  • Low permanent pressure loss
  • Robust
  • Easy to Install

Irregular Applications

Many of the solutions we provide are for applications which pose difficult installation criteria. Most process plants are built with little or no flow measurement requirements in mind.
It is common for us to devise solutions for all applications that fall outside the installation application requirements of most flow meters.

  • Square or Rectangular Ducts
  • Contorted Entry / Exit Arrangement
  • Louvre Plate / Flow Control Dampers